Throwing my opinion in the ring

So there’s this bill that’s supposed to be voted on today in Congress.

Hub asked me what I thought about it.

Truthfully? Without having read it, I can’t make an informed comment on it.

What I can do, however, is opine on what I’ve heard …

I don’t like it.

There.  I’ve said it.

I don’t trust the media or their slant on what may or may not be in the bill.

“Strong-arm” tactics of Washington politicos to garner support?  Seriously?  I mean, if the bill was worth its weight, would strong-arm tactics be necessary?

I believe in small government, not big government.  I don’t believe government should do any more than protect us from terrorist threats and invasions by our international “friends.”  Insurance & health care?  That’s our responsibility.  Education? That’s the responsibility of our state government.

I do not agree that people in higher income brackets should be penalized by paying a higher percentage of the taxes.  Although they (and as I make more money, I) do, it’s not fair.  It’s as bad as “sliding scale” adoption fees based on income.   Why should people who work hard and make a higher income for all their efforts be penalized for their achievement?

What happened to the “American Dream?”  Is it only applicable for some Americans? Are we allowed to only pursue the “Dream” so far and then once that predetermined level of prosperity is reached, pay a penalty for the success we work so hard to achieve? Who determined the level we can’t go past before we have to pay the “price of our success?”  It’s unfair!

If people can’t afford insurance because of where they work, then it’s time to find another job.  Or marry someone who does.  Sounds callous?  Too bad.

Hub, because of his job situation (or lack thereof) doesn’t have health insurance available to him.  I carry him on my insurance.  It’s expensive, but we’re both covered.  I certainly don’t expect a government handout.  We’re doing what we have to do.

And in the long run, isn’t this what we all should expect from ourselves & each other?

“Kill the Bill?”  Oh yeah.  Kill it.  Dead.

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