A rare & special treat

I surprised my neighbors yesterday by working on my front yard.

I say “surprised” because I’m usually one of the last ones on the block to start the spring cleanup.  Not this year!  I waited until the exact day “Downtown” Steve Browne said would be the optimal first day to start clearing and I went to work.

Granted, I only put in 3 hours’ worth of work, but you can really see the progress.

Oh, and there will be no “before” pictures on this project.  It really was that bad!

As I was cutting back my “Mexicans,” I heard a song I hadn’t heard in a couple of years.  I only get to hear them during the early spring as they make their migration northward.  I looked up and I saw a flock of …

Cedar Waxwings!

Mum texted me earlier in the week heralding their arrival.  I was so jealous that she & Da had received two visits by traveling flocks during the week, but I was also very happy that the Waxwings had flown through town.  Neither of us had spotted them at all last year.

My little visitors hung around for a few minutes and watched me work in the yard but they flitted off when I startled them by dragging the very full bag of yard debris to the curb.

See you next year little friends!


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