Saturday morning reflections

I left my Garmin & iPod at home this morning.  It gave me a lot of time to think …

* No matter how fast I walk, there’ll always be someone coming up behind me walking faster. And they’re most likely being dragged by their dog.

* In south Texas, carrying a bottle of water on a run or walk is largely dependent on the weather, not the distance.

* It’s okay to slow your pace and text a quick message to your husband to let him know when to expect you home.

* Even on the days you can’t wait to lace up your shoes and head out the door, making “deals” with yourself to make it to specific markers while out on the road is okay.  It might even be normal.

* If I really don’t “feel” like finishing my planned walk or run & I do it anyway, I’ll ride that high for the rest of the day.

* Most people WILL look at you funny if you walk & type on your Blackberry at the same time.

I almost turned around and headed back home at mile 1.  The cold, the shadows, the loneliness of the walk were all getting to me.  If I’d turned around, I’d have missed a whole field of these:

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