What’s Love Got To Do With It?

I spent the better part of the last six days at the annual ASCD conference.  I came away with a lot of good information that I can share with my teachers right away as well as a lot of information I will need to let “marinade in my brain” for a while so I can make intelligent proposals to my director.  Some of the sessions helped me to think outside the box and others affirmed all my hard work.  I was privileged to listen to some of the biggest and most influential people in the field of education and I splurged on books in their areas of specialty as well as my own personal areas of interest.

I networked with colleagues from Amarillo, Canada, Dallas, New Jersey, Detroit, Singapore, and Trinidad & Tobago.  Conference participants came from all points on the globe and I was amazed at both the diversity of where my colleagues live and the unity of our thoughts.

The singular thought?  We’re in it for the kids.

Head Cheese used to start every school year with “Love the Kids.”  I’m sure he still does at his current school.

Love.  This is why we do what we do.

We were there.  All of us.  For the kids.

That’s pretty awesome.

I’ll share more from the conference in a later post.  I want to “marinade” some of the insights I gained for a few days, though.


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