Slowing down

I headed to the doc’s office Friday morning to get some blood work done.  I need to do this every six months, so it was a routine visit.

The nurse took my vitals, which surprised me.  I don’t usually get to enjoy that on a lab-only visit.  She took my blood pressure and stopped.

“Lisa, are you on blood pressure medicine?”  I answered that I wasn’t and she asked me to take a look at the reading.  Reading the meter, I was understandably upset.  She consulted with the doctor and returned.  I was to monitor my blood pressure over the weekend and if it didn’t go below a certain reading, I was ordered to make an appointment to see the doctor.

Completely freaked by this point, I finished at the doctor’s office and raced to my office for my morning meeting.

I got in with just minutes to spare.  I sat next to one of my friends and she asked if I was alright.  I told her about the labwork visit and what the nurse had ordered.  She laughed and said, “Lisa, we’re all on blood pressure medicine here.  It’s the job.  Just relax.”  Another colleague sitting beside her nodded in agreement.  “I’m on two different medicines,” she shared.

Oh.  My.  Gosh!

I still can’t get over the fact that everybody I work with is so stressed that they are all on blood pressure medicine and if my bp isn’t in the target range by tomorrow, I’m next in line.

What kind of  job do I have that drives us all so wonky we need to turn to the medical profession to fix us?

So, I’ve spent the last day and a half doing nothing.  Thinking calming thoughts and watching yoga videos.  Yes, watching yoga videos.  Why?  Because I’m looking for a particular one that I can use at the end of the day to help me learn to relax.  I took a yoga class a few years back and absolutely loved the last 15 minutes where we were doing breathing & stretching exercises for relaxation.  Loved it!  I’m looking for a yoga video that is nothing but this.  Haven’t found it yet, but I know I will.

And what am I going to do about this job of mine that keeps all of us in a perpetual state of stress?

No idea.

All I know is I’m not going to let it kill me.

*** update 3/1/10 *** bp was down below the target range yesterday afternoon (yay!)  staying home today, just as a precaution.

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