One day the lap will be done

Hub went to the track with me this morning.

I’d like to say it was a mah-ve–lous time, but the truth is, it wasn’t.  I finally started Week 3 yesterday and my sad reality is I couldn’t run the full 3 minute intervals.  I promised myself I’d head back to the track today and try again today.

My longest stretch today before I couldn’t run another step was 200 meters.  It sucked.  But I resolved to try again once I caught my breath.

That was until I caught up with Hub and he asked, “I thought you were going to run a whole lap.”

Gee, thanks for pointing out my short-comings, Hon.

With that, I walked off the track, grabbed my gear bag, and waited for Hub to finish his laps.

My feelings were hurt.  Like I said in a previous post, I am overweight. I know this has a major impact on my running endurance right now.  I’m working to lose weight so that it is no longer a hinderance to what I want to do … run!

I will celebrate like I’ve finished my first marathon when I manage to finish my first full 400 meter lap.

Because I will do it.  One day soon.

‘Cause I’m cool like that & that’s how I roll.

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