Shoes, hills, & quads … oh my!

I almost didn’t get out of bed yesterday morning.  My quads have been bothering me off and on since Wednesday and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to endure anymore pain after my run.  I DID get out of bed and I DID lace up my shoes … Tweeted that I was heading to the track (for whatever reason, if I broadcast to the world that I’m going to do something, I actually follow through & do it) … kissed Hub goodbye … and left.  Because of my wonky knee, I had originally planned to only walk, but I couldn’t get that feeling of “what if” out of my head.  So I powered up my iPod, cued up the Week 2 podcast, and let my feet move to the beat.

I’m thinking now the soreness in my quads is coming from lack of use.  How did I come up with this?  Well … my last run was Monday and I was fine Tuesday after a lot of good stretching and a stint in the recliner with the ice pack.  I’m also thinking I might be dealing with issues caused by my dress/work shoes.  I’m going to have to really look into this possibility, although I get the feeling I won’t be allowed to wear running shoes to work even if I discover that my dress/work shoes are the culprit.  My boss(es) will just tell me to go get better shoes.  Erm … yeah.

So with much joy, I finished Week 2 of the Couch-2-5K program!  I did it & I’m damn proud of myself!  I’ve stuck to this program for three weeks and have every intention of completing the entire 9 week program and celebrate my graduation with a 5K at the end of February.  Yay!  Go me!

I posted the new week’s intervals and will head to the track tomorrow after work for Day 1 of Week 3.  While I really love heading out to the Schertz/Selma divide, there’s this really big hill … I’ve run up it, I’ve run down it ….

I haven’t made peace with the hill like I have with the track.  While I’m not a fan of going around in circles (okay, ovals), I’ve made peace with this.  Have taken my picture on it.  I like being out on that track with other people and yet enjoy the solitude of being left alone.


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