Just a hometown girl

I’ve spent the past several days this week debating over which half marathon I should start training for.  I can only enter one in 2010 because I want to do other kinds of races, too, and there’s only so much money in the racing fund for this year.  So here’s what I’m considering:

  • 3M next month in Austin — not enough time to train properly, so that’s been marked off the list. 
  • Austin Marathon & Half-Marathon in February.  I can definitely train for this one, so it’s still a possiblity. 
  • San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll in November.  I had to pull out of the inaugural because of a foot issue turned out I was wearing the wrong size shoe.  Once I was properly fitted, the foot issue was resolved.  Amazing! 

I didn’t even register for last month’s race due to a sincere lack of motivation & focus.  I have several friends that did the SARnR and had a blast.  I’ve already dealt with the regret of pulling out the first year and not entering the second, so …

All things considered, I’m actually leaning toward only training for the San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll.  

Even though Austin is a quick 90 minutes north on a clear traffic day, I wouldn’t even think of not renting a hotel room the night before the race.  Having to leave home at 4am and negotiate for a good parking space and then jockey to the starting line for a 7am gun time is NOT my idea of a fun time.  At least with the SA RnR, the drive to & from home on race morning is closer.  Bonus: no hotel fees!

I was even kicking around the possibility of the Cap 10 in April.  Again, the travel to Austin in the morning to the start of the race is causing me to stress just thinking about it.  Did I mention that long commutes make me very tired?  April is still a fur piece away, and I would like to do another 10k in the near future, so …

I left the house at 5:30 Sunday morning for the Holiday Half 10k.  The drive to San Marcos was quick and I was able to park about 100 yards away from the Start/Finish line.  One of the advantages of entering a small, local race?  Oh yeah!

While I enjoy hearing where folks have travelled from to race, I’ll never be one of those women who put the goal of finishing a half-marathon in every state on my “Bucket” List.  I like staying local.


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