Confessions from a last place finisher

You know what?  I’m not unhappy about my finish this morning.


Why, you ask?  Well there are a few reasons:

This is the first competitive race I’ve done in almost two years.  I knew today’s 10k would be a good race to do as I haven’t done any significant distance training in a long, long time.  Since I’ve never done a 10k race before, I wasn’t sure what time goal I should set for myself.  I set a goal based on some of my training days, looked at my half marathon PR, and was satisfied with the time I set.  It was conservative, but still challenging.  I finished almost 3 minutes faster than my time goal.  YAY!

It was a very small race today.  I don’t think there were more than 100 women in my event and, with the exception of me and my new friend, Cathy, everybody ran at least part of the course.  Cathy & I walked the whole 6.2 miles.  So, looking at the race with this in mind, Cathy & I tied for first in the walking category.

This morning was F-U-N!  It was the season finale of the Trek Women’s Triathlon Series.  It was an honor meeting Sally Edwards and the sense of unity between all of the participants was really special.

I might never come in first place.  That’s not why I do this.  The race is the culmination of the training.  The training is my “me” time.

In the end, that’s all that matters.

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