Today is a gift …

Hub & I did an overnighter at the coast a couple of days ago.  I miss living on the water and Hub knew this so he made reservations at a hotel where we would have a view of the bay.  Hub’s really sweet like that.

I woke before sunrise Monday morning and ran outside onto our balcony.  I love watching sunrises.  There’s something powerful in the promise of a new day; the adventure and expectation of new beginnings and all the wonders a new day holds fill me with more excitement than does Christmas morning.  “Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the Present” runs through my mind as the sun appears to break through the water to begin its journey across the November sky.

Standing outside on our hotel balcony, watching the sunrise and taking as many pictures as I could to memorialize that moment was the very best part of my trip this past weekend.

In that moment I basked in the awesomeness of His glory … and enjoyed my gift.

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