Strep, part deux

I had a really great workout last Saturday. I had planned to do an easy 5-miler but two miles in thought why not do 6 and see how I felt?

I was tired when I got home, but I felt good. Really good.
And then I woke up Sunday morning feeling like garbage. Hub had gone to the doctor a few days before and found out he had strep. After my own strep ordeal during Jennapalooza in July, I knew to not take any chances. I headed to the local clinic first thing Monday morning for a strep test. Interestingly, it came back negative, so I headed to work Tuesday.
That was the only full day I worked last week. I couldn’t last more than the mornings Wednesday or Thursday and left work early both days. I headed to my doctor Thursday afternoon.
Strep. Again.
And I’m still reeling from the illness. I had wanted to try for four this morning but said I’d settle for three.
I can’t even make it out the door. I’m so tired.
The 10k’s in less than a month. I know I can do it. Will I hit my time goal? Who knows. If I don’t, no worries.
There’s glory in finishing the race; it doesn’t matter if I’m first.
Or last.

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