When the news hits home

I was reading the Writer‘s weekly running column when I came across this article posted in her newspaper today also written by her.

It’s amazing how some news stories are relevant no matter where or when they’re written.  In this case, the article about how children are taking advantage of their elderly parents really hit home.  You see, this drama is actually playing out in Hub’s family.

While I’m not trying to air family dirty laundry, Hub & I are desperately trying to protect his father (yes, the same father that had a stroke two weeks ago and is still in the rehabilitative facility receiving medical care and daily therapy) from his other siblings.  Fortunately, Hub & I had the wisdom to join a prepaid legal co-op several months ago and have, in essence, an attorney on retainer.  And since we pay into the cooperative each month (it’s like paying on an insurance policy), any legal fees we incur are either already paid for or are significantly reduced.

It’s so sad to see siblings turning on each other when there’s a perception of a financial payout.

And it’s really not any fun to be in the middle of it.


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