Crazy, typical, status quo

So I was talking to my supervisor yesterday during one of the breaks in our training session.  I have a student at a campus with some unique needs and so I was briefing her on my game plan for the next week.  She said the plan was good and, in the words of “the Picard,” told me to make it so.  Oh, alright.  She didn’t actually say, “Make it so” …

On impulse, I asked her on a scale of “typical to crazy,” what kind of year has mine started out as.  She looked at me, smiled, and said, “Lisa I should have said this long before now:  You’re doing an excellent job and I’m glad you’re on my team.”

Not the answer I was expecting, but I’ll take props whenever they’re handed to me.

Fifteen minutes later, she handed out the Team Leader lists for the monthly support group meetings we have for teachers in the district.

Guess who’s been named team leader and is in charge of hosting this week’s support group meeting?

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