The Ache of my Heart

There is one thing about my job that I will never get used to.  Truth be told, I hope I never do.

Stray dogs.

The schools I support are in areas of town rife with strays.

All of our Barky Boys are rescue pups.  BB #1, his sister, and mother were all dropped off at the Animal Defense League when he was just a few weeks old.  BB #2’s living conditions when he was a pup were no better than a puppy mill.  This time last year, BB #3 was recovering from being hit by a car.  Only God knows how long he lived on the streets before he was hit.

Hub & I are passionate about our pups and are adamant that these little guys live out their days in a very comfortable existence.   The memory of sad & lonely dogs wandering the streets hungry for food & affection lingers long after I arrive home and spend the evening hugging and loving on my silly poochies.

If I could, I’d bring every stray I encounter home.

I can’t.

It absolutely breaks my heart.


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