No more “woe is me!”

I’ve been feeling extremely overwhelmed lately.  Almost to the point of panic.

I know I can do this job.  I know the people that hired me think I can do this job.  I think it all comes back to the “newness” of it all … the differences in how my previous district did things and how my new district does them.

Not to mention the multitude of policies to do this, that, AND the other.

I’ve allowed myself to be enveloped by the negativity around me.

I’ve bought into the “bad reputations” of some of the people I’ll be working with.  I never used to do that.  Every year in my previous district, we’d hear the stories of the students we’d be receiving … and I would take everything said with a grain of salt.  The students, after all, couldn’t be that bad … could they?

I called the Writer Friday on my way home from a very hectic day of running all over the district.  I told her I thought I’d made a mistake … I wasn’t sure I wanted to do this job anymore.  She tried to encourage me by recalling my doubts during my grad school years and how I didn’t think I could do that … and I did.  Although her words of encouragement helped, I still moped most of the weekend thinking the same negative thoughts.  Hub tried to talk me out of my doldrums to no avail.

And then the Lord God Almighty said, “Enough!”

He had had enough of my little pity-party.  And when the Lord has enough, He makes it VERY obvious He means business.

Everywhere I turned, I found something that absolutely humbled me that He would care so much about me to stop me in my tracks, turn me around, and refocus my gaze.

And these are the amazing things He showed me:

During my personal pity party last night, I stumbled across a motivational quote that had been sitting in my e-mail box for a few days.  Pow!  That quote is now posted on my Facebook profile page so I can see it every time I open the account.

I had bought Jon Gordon’s book, The Energy Bus, on the recommendation of a dear friend a couple of days ago but hadn’t started reading it.  I started reading it last night before I headed to bed.  Smack!  Another pity-party stopper.  Although I’m only about half-way through, it’s a quick read and well worth the time investment.

My brother had forwarded a video to me about a week ago.  I usually don’t open the movies, but the subject line intrigued me:  “What are the Chances?”  It was a video of near-misses.  As in, a milli-second earlier or later and someone would have been toast.  Although it wasn’t meant to be inspirational, I could so see God’s hand in action in all of the clips.

And then the best of all:  I had another piece of e-mail I hadn’t opened from Simple Truths.  The subject line said that Simple Truths had a new movie.  I like their movies.  For many reasons.  This movie is their best so far.

Check it out for yourself …

The Push

Consider me pushed!

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