Week 1 Wrap Up

Okie doke …

Monday:  signed my contract, resigned from my old district, packed my classroom

Tuesday: trained all day on new software (for me & for the district … score!)

Wednesday: spent 3 hours working on something I think was supposed to take me 3 days.  Why?  Dunno.

Thursday: was still expected to work on the 3 day project.  Went out & explored the district while I waited for callbacks on the project.

Friday: first cluster meeting, got a chance to introduce myself & decided at the last second to share that I’m training for a triathlon … that got ooo’s & ahh’s and a few skeptical glances.  Oh well … I know I can wax any of them in a (walking) 5k, fuggetabout adding some swim & some bike!  Just ask the Dobie folk I did 5ks with.

Oh yeah, Hub loaded a GPS navigator on my cellphone.  Choice!  So glad he did … I have used the HECK out of it in the past two days and will more than likely continue use it through the rest of the school year.  Thank goodness I have a shiny new car!

So all-in-all, my first week was a good week.  Next week will be mostly all staff development.  I hope to meet my principals at some point.  Teachers report to their campuses on Friday.

Feels weird not focusing on first day of school preparations.  I’ve got a whole lot of other things I’m focusing on these days.  Kinda cool, actually

And so a new school year begins!

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