The difference a day makes

24 hours ago, I was knee-deep into planning for my new school year at the greatest junior high school in Texas.  I had e-mails out to new staff members, calls out to colleagues to share news about staff changes, plans to spend the next two weeks at campus immersed in book study and professional development preparation in addition to all the things necessary to make the new school year start as smoothly as possible.

12 hours ago, my world turned upside down and all plans for next year screeched to an immediate stop.

Backstory:  Hub & I have had a lot of things to deal with since May and in order to reduce some of our stress, I made the decision to not pursue an administrator position for the new school year.  I did, however, promise both Hub & Queen Mum that if any admin jobs came along that I might be interested in, I’d throw my hat in the proverbial “ring.”  There were two such jobs that opened up in the last month and I applied for both.  Amazingly, I was granted interviews for both.  One was last week, the other was this week.  A rejection letter for the second job was waiting for me in my mailbox yesterday morning.

Hub & I had settled in to watch one of our favorite reality shows last night when the phone rang.  We looked at each other and Hub answered the phone.  He’s been hoping to receive word about an interview and we both thought this call was “IT.”

The phone was for me.

I was being offered the first administrative job I had interviewed for.  Wow.

God is so good!  Things like this don’t ordinarily happen.  In fact, my principal & I were just talking about the incredible numbers of applicants for each administrative job and how nearly impossible it is for administrators to decide who to interview, much less who to hire.  I told her I only submitted two packets and was granted interviews for both.  How many people can say that?  With almost 200 applicants for every job posting, I’d say not many.  She heartily agreed.

When talking about the mucky jungle of finding an administrator position, my grad school professors tried to encourage us with their knowledge that the first few interviews are more for learning experience and, as we hone our interview skills, the job offers will come.  I had two interviews … and the rejection letter came following the interview for the second job I was interested in.

I accepted the job I interviewed for first.


I sign my paperwork next week.  I’m sure I start almost immediately after I sign as the beginning of the school year is just days away.

The funny part to this story?  I was so confident I would be returning to the greatest junior high school in Texas, I didn’t pack my classroom.

I’ll be doing that next week, too.


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