She takes a big gulp of air and dives right in

I committed to training for my first triathlon.  

Why, you ask?  Well …

  • it’s on my 50 before 50 list  
  • I’ve talked about it for years  
  • dreamed of doing this after I finished grad school.  
  • lamented not doing something about it for the past six months  

Two friends of mine were joking about it a few nights ago.  I thought, “Heck!  The Writer’s already got one under her belt & I had wanted to have one completed by now.  What’s stopping me?”

And so I am now in training for what I call “my next big race.”

I feel almost insane at this point and very alone.  

If you’d like to follow my mental & physical journey, I’ve resurrected one of my old blogs & tailored it to my latest goal.

It’s called “I Will Tri“.  

If you feel led to do so, post some encouraging words from time to time.  I’d really appreciate them.


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