Reality is smacking me hard today

What. in hell. am I thinking?

I went to the gym and swam this morning.  I lasted exactly 15 minutes.
One 400 meter swim.
That’s it.
I am tired.
I am sore … can’t lift my arms over my head.  
Can I tell you how hard it was to put my sports bra on?  I finally got it on on the third attempt.  If it didn’t work that time, I was ready to say, “Screw it.” and walk out braless.
16 laps in a “real” pool is nothing like 60 laps in a backyard pool.  For one thing, in a back yard pool, you basically push off, swim three strokes (four if you’re lucky) and you’re at the other end of the pool.  Not so in a “real” pool.  
And that’s what I needed …
A reality check.
Can I do this?  Heck yeah!  Shoot, the swim in the Kemah tri is 500 meters.  I was only 100 meters, or 4 laps, shy this morning.  Shoot!  Why am I whining if I can do a 400 now?  Because I’m not where I want to be.  I’m not 17 and swimming 300+ laps every morning.  I’m not there.
I can’t wait until I get to the point where I’m swimming continuously so I can think while I swim!  I wasn’t in that place this morning.
Most of my 15 minutes was spent worrying what my legs were doing … because I couldn’t tell if I was kicking or dragging my legs … and trying not to gulp down too much water each time I turned my head to breathe.
The happy place will come.  
In time.

2 thoughts on “Reality is smacking me hard today

  1. Is the swim portion of the tri in a pool or lake/ocean? When I swam mine in a lake (400), I fretted because I hadn't swam a 400 without stopping. But once you're there, adrenaline takes over, trust me. You'll fly through it!!

  2. It looks like it's in a shipping/boating channel. It'll be a straight 500 meters, so that's comforting. : )

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