My first entry

I have a habit of taking years to plan to do something … do nothing about it for months … and then suddenly jump in with both feet.
I had one of those suddenly-jump-in-with-both-feet moments Friday night.  A friend of mine asked another friend of mine if she was training for a triathlon “or something” because of her daily posts about running “this far,” swimming “that far,” or cycling “these many miles.” The second friend asked the first friend if she was interested in training for one.  It was one of those conversations that are along the lines of “I will if you will.”  I’ve been talking about training for a triathlon for a good couple of years now but haven’t done anything about it except talk and so when my two friends began the banter, I couldn’t help but jump in.
{back story} My sister-in-law is a runner and had a pretty serious muscle injury earlier this year and I jokingly suggested she take up swimming and/or cycling since she wasn’t allowed to run.  I wasn’t the only person making these suggestions to her.  She did start cycling and swimming … and completed her first sprint triathlon two weeks ago. 
So here I am.  Committed to training for my first triathlon.  Finally!
Excited, terrified, wondering what the heck I’ve done.  Yep, this about covers how I’m feeling right now.  
I have to keep asking myself why I feel this way.  I am a strong swimmer, although I haven’t competed since I was in high school.  We have a membership at the local gym and I can swim in the mornings now and when school starts back next month (!) I can go when they open.   I have a bike and so I can train for this leg with no problem in the mornings I don’t swim.  I haven’t ridden longer than 10 miles at at time, so I have some road work ahead of me.  And I have one half marathon and several 5k races under my belt.  Granted they’ve all been walking events … but being out on the road for long distances doesn’t faze me.  
I think it all has to do with how I look.  I do not “look” like someone that would tackle the challenge of a triathlon.  Heck, many of my colleagues can scarcely believe I compete in 5ks and have a half marathon under my belt.  Truthfully, they can’t believe I can walk to the end of the block and back and not be out of breath.
And then there’s the fact I don’t have the “right” clothes or the “right” equipment.  Whatever!  I have what I need to get out there and train.  That’s all that matters.
The “right” clothes & equipment will come in time.  
I have a lot of emotional hurdles I have to overcome during my journey to Kemah.  I know I’ll have to continually chant the Nike mantra:  “Just do it!”

2 thoughts on “My first entry

  1. Yay, Lisa!! Have fun 🙂 … that's the most important thing!! If you're not having fun, it's not worth doing. Although there will be days of "ugh!!" in the end, it's all worth it.xoKym

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