Busy Days & Sleepless Nights

Well, I’m sad to share that the mania also known as the end of school wind-down is again holding my sleep hostage.  I don’t know how to separate myself from work.  I work until the most ungodly hour, come home and eat dinner, and then spend the rest of the evening answering e-mails I didn’t have time to get to during the day.

And I want to be an administrator?

I get so frustrated with the talk about countdowns to the end of the school year.  While many do this to look forward to a break (as if we didn’t just have one two weeks ago) I dread it because there is SO. MUCH. LEFT. TO. DO. before we release the kiddies to their summer fun.

Ah, but I’ve got to try to dissociate myself from the mania for at least 7 hours so I can recharge my batteries and carry on another day at 110%.

Tally ho!

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