Relay for Life

Let me preface this by saying: I hate fundraising & I suck at it.


The American Cancer Society holds their annual fundraiser, Relay for Life, throughout the country.  My colleagues & I have participated in four of the last five Relays in our area.  We have a great time!  It’s amazing how much laughter & tears flow during the overnight events.  Our reasons for participating are as unique and varied as we are.

For me, both of Queen Mum’s parents died from cancer.  Her dad from lung cancer, her mom from stomach cancer.  The Writer’s mom died from breast cancer.  I have friends who are survivors.  I have a friend with a spouse that was just diagnosed with testicular cancer.  

I gladly give up one night of sleep … okay, last year I woosied out and called it a night at 4am … if it helps bring in a few dollars to advance the necessary research to find a cure.

Queen Mum & Da recently celebrated the birthday of a family friend who is blessed to be in remission.  I remember talking to her last year about this time and thinking how afraid I was that that would be the last time I would be able to visit with her.  She told me she was tired and didn’t know if she wanted to keep fighting.  A year later and, in Da’s words, she is as feisty as ever.  Talk about God’s grace!

The Writer & Princess joined the Relay in their local area a few weekends ago.  The Writer joined me at a Relay here a couple of years ago.  They’ll tell you the same thing: Relays are a lot of fun!

I have a fundraising goal of $100 for the American Cancer Society.  I haven’t raised a dime this year that I haven’t donated myself.  

Like I said earlier, I suck at fundraising.

But I hate cancer more.

Won’t you join in the fight against cancer by clicking on the link below & making a donation on my behalf?

Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back.                                                                  



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