H1N1 fluenzapaloosa … just doesn’t sound as cool as “swine” fluenzapalooza, Day 4

One good thing about being an educator is the knowledge that (most) Thursdays are spirit days and Fridays are jeans & tennies day.  Dress up for three days and jeans for two.  Easy-peasy wardrobe planning.

This week has been hard.  Choosing between shorts & jeans have been the norm this week.  Not a problem, but I have NO IDEA what day it is.  I had to pull up the calendar just now.  It’s Thursday.

ONLY Thursday.  {{sigh}}

We’ll find out tomorrow if we get to go back to school next week or if we’ll join other neighboring school districts in staying away from each other for another week.

I’ve been pretty good this week and stayed fairly isolated from my colleagues.  

I can’t guarantee I’ll be as accommodating if this extends past tomorrow.


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