Swine Fluenzapalooza – Day 2

Tuesday morning of the forced exile  {{sigh}}  

While the obvious benefit is being able to sleep in without feeling guilty, I am beginning to succumb to my hypochondric tendencies and wonder if every little sniffle, cough, or scratch in my throat is the beginning of IT.  You know … the FLU.

Making matters worse are the elevated pollen & mold counts.  

There’s a small group of us that are going to rebel against this exile, if only for an hour, and meet at one of the local restaurants for lunch to swap DVDs to watch this week.  We have to.  We’re all going just a bit stir-crazy.  Sad part is it’s only day 2 … can’t imagine what we’ll be like come Friday when we await word if we can go back on Monday or have to wait a few more days.   Personally, I’d love the superintendent to release us back to campus next week.  If anything because sitting at home is doing nothing for my psyche.  (see hypochondric tendencies)

I can understand the caution, though.  Anyone that’s worked in a building with no windows that open to allow fresh air in & stale, building air out knows that “sick building” syndrome is real.  The greatest junior high school in Texas has gone through some pretty severe illnesses this year and the numbers of students & faculty that have been hit by them is astonishing.  There was a point just after the first of the year where I wondered if it wouldn’t be best for the “powers that be” to close us down for a few days so we could all get better.  As inconvenient the timing of this closure is, we all need this break from each other just so nature can run it’s course and the viruses can die before migrating to another poor soul to infect them.

As I type, my nose is sniffly and my throat is sore.  I don’t know how much of this is attributed to allergies (probably 100%) or to extreme paranoia because Hub is in a Nyquil-induced sleep in the other room with body aches and a sore throat.  

For all of the folks that think the State Health Department was a “bit” overzealous in closing down an entire school district for a week, let me say this: it’s not fun being forced to stay home.  And if it were your loved ones that were possibly exposed to this nastiness, you’d want them to stay away for as long as required to ensure that the threat was gone.

So there.  


MIL Update:  guess the CDC’s so busy with us that they couldn’t get in to see her yesterday.  Her consult is rescheduled for sometime today.  I’m really curious to hear what they say about this mutant infection she has.

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