MIL Update: When “House” meets “Fringe”

With everything going on with my mother-in-law, Hub & I sometimes wonder if truth really isn’t stranger than fiction.

She’s going to receive a consult tomorrow from the CDC … yes,THAT CDC … the Centers for Disease Control.  

Turns out this minor infection that turned into a full-blown life-threatening infection is now resistant to antibiotics to the point where it was “eating” the antibiotics.  So, she’s been off antibiotics since Thursday evening and she, amazingly, is improving.  The immediate concern is that these little beasties, whatever they are, will cause her body to reject her pacemaker.  She’s had that for two years.

Weird?  Definitely.

Speaking of weird …  


Swine Flu closes local high school 

Like, wow!  That is the most amazing thing I’ve heard all year … because the high school that’s closed?  Is the high school that the best junior high school in Texas feeds into.  As in, students at my school have brothers & sisters at the high school, we share faculty with the high school, faculty at my school have children that attend the high school.  Gaaaaaaagh!  Pass me my face mask, please!

Oh, did I mention that Monday (tomorrow) is the first day of week-long state assessments?  

TEA has already made arrangements for the high school to reschedule their testing.  I guess, should other campuses in the district be closed, we’ll receive similar rescheduling.  

My real question is this:  I’m sure there will be teachers that refuse to come to work because of the high school closure.  How do we cover their testing groups?


Hey, did I mention the entire COUNTY is on quarantine?  

My mind is officially blown.  I hate germs … viruses are definitely on this list, too.  

Howard Hughes had it right.


*** This just in ***

District officials have cancelled classes for the ENTIRE district for the week of April 27th.


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