Time passages

Daylight Savings Time … I wish we didn’t have to deal with changing the time on the clocks.  Granted, the computer, the cable, and the wireless companies have begun to indulge us here at the Casa by automatically resetting the time twice each year.  This, however, does nothing to help with the myriad clocks and watches Hub & I have throughout the house and car.  There will inevitably by one clock that does not get changed.  The latest victim is the mantle clock.

I noticed it a week or so after the time change and left it.  I mean, at this stage of the game, it’s more a statement of rebellion than a testament to our laziness.  One advantage I discovered from the last time we found a forgotten clock: it makes it a touch easier on the next go-round to have one clock with the “correct” time somewhere in the house to set all the others by.

Know what I mean, jelly bean?

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