I read a blog recently about why we (collectively) should be paying attention and following professional women’s basketball.  Sarah listed several reasons why we should be doing our part to support the sport.  Chief among her arguments:  the WNBA will not recruit athletes that either have not or are not about to graduate from college.

No other professional sport can say the same.  Color me impressed!  

And inspired.

So when my young niece arrives for her second annual tour of Texas this summer, she, Queen Mum, & I are going to the only matinee game of the season for the San Antonio Silver Stars.

Hub asked me during the NCAA & WNCAA championships exactly when I became such a rabid basketball fan.  I told him.  

It was when I read that the WNBA is the only professional sport that will not recruit high school students or college drop-outs into their ranks.  Being frustrated himself with the “glory” stories of some of the athletes that opted to pursue money over education, he absolutely understood.

And asked me why I was only buying tickets to the one game.


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