I was chatting with a very ill Writer the other day and after we talked about all that’s going on in her neck of the woods, the subject turned to what’s been going on in my life.  We’re about to start TAKS season.  In my personal opinion, this the worst part of the school year on so many levels:

~ We’re expected to test students on a full year’s curriculum three months before the school year is over

~ The paranoia level amongst administrators & faculty about losing their teaching credential if the tests are administered incorrectly, on the wrong day, or the wrong test altogether is beyond obscene

~ If the poor students happen to be in an “SSI” grade, they have to pass the test before being allowed to promote to the next grade

~ And can we talk about the unfairness of testing students at grade level that are not capable of working on pace with their grade-level peers?

It’s a lousy way to assess if a student is ready to move up a grade.  Sad thing is, I can’t change the system at the classroom, campus, or district level.  This has to come from the public storming the courts and the state and national legislatures.  

In the midst of the conversation, the Writer said, “Ah.  You get like this every year at this time.”



One thought on “Blech

  1. Lisa, I completely agree with you “BLEH”!!! Our version is the CAT-6 and it’s just as “fun” as your TAKS. Hang in there…I’ll be thinking about you!

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