One of 10,000 reasons why Hub probably won’t text me during class again

Got a text from Hub last night:  “My gosh, this is so boring!”

I thought for a moment and started typing:

“Go to the restroom.  Draw eyes on your eyelids and go back to class.  Now you can close your eyes and no one will be the wiser.”

I hit the SEND button and waited for the little “D” to pop up that meant it had been delivered and then got back to what I was doing.

Hub later told me when he read my response, he tried very hard to stifle his laugh but wasn’t successful.

I managed to disrupt an entire class.

Go me!

Now, if I had no integrity, I would take all the credit for this little stunt.   The truth is, I saw it on an old sitcom (M*A*S*H, maybe?) when I was back in either high school or college and the memory stuck with me.

I’m a dangerous woman, yes I am.  Yes I am!

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