Blanco Villa … dog herder

Hub didn’t like me calling Barky Boy #3 “Pancho” and so I’ve had quite a time coming up with a name that would truly fit.  

The  little guy’s a bully!  Although smaller than the other two, he barrels into them and pulls on their legs to try to get them to play with him (they’re so old at 4 & 5 years old) and they in return roll him out in the yard.  I haven’t seen so much yard trash tracked into the house since our little Scottie dog.  He would gather so much trash in his little skirt (or would that be his “kilt” since he was Scottish?) and drag it inside … 

and I’ve digressed 

We have discovered Blanco’s talent:

He’s a dog herder.

Quixote won’t come inside?  All I have to do is tell Blanco to go get his brother. Quixote is usually inside, beside me, in a matter of a few short minutes. Panza’s being stubborn and won’t come upstairs?  Send out the dogherder!  Blanco nips at his back legs and Panza’ll run away from him and up the stairs in no time flat.

The Spook was convinced that in order to break Blanco of his bulling ways, we only had to follow the code of the “Dog Whisperer.”  We tried.  Honestly, we did.  For three weeks.  Rather than try to fight a bad habit, though, we’ve made it work for us.

He gets to bully his brothers, I get all my poochies where I want them.

Everybody wins 😀

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