I had been eagerly waiting the day that I was able to get a new cell phone.  My poor little Krazr, although as cute as can be, hasn’t held a battery charge for any significant length of time in several months.  The phone has spent more time off than on so I wouldn’t have to charge it every night.  Because we purchase our phones on two-year contracts, I had to wait until our carrier said I could purchase one.  

That day was January 30th.  

Hub decided yesterday after work that he was just this side of tired of listening to me complain about my phone and so off we went to the phone store.  I already had a fair idea of what I wanted: a pink Blackberry Curve.  Hub has a black one and he told me that the curve also came in pink.  Joy!  And then I saw that the pink Curves were out of stock online.  Boo!

But guess what?  The phone store had a pink Curve!  Joy again! 

So here I was last night … multitasking with work on the laptop, swapping e-mails on my new phone … in serious technoverload and loving every minute of it!

Who said it’s only the younger Gen-Xers that are driven by the whims of technology?

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