Seek & ye shall find

Hub’s parting comment as he headed out the door to class was, “Hon, there’s a surprise for you somewhere in the house.”  I don’t know why, but whenever he hides surprises for me, I have a difficult time finding them.  What makes it so embarrassing is two-fold:  

~ He normally hides his gifts in plain sight.

~ I’m usually an incredibly observant person.

I actually groaned when he said he left a surprise for me.  I gave him enough time to pull out of the driveway before I tore the house apart.  I couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary.

I called Hub and said I looked everywhere and couldn’t find it.

He wouldn’t give me any clues.  Said he had to go.

I gave up the hunt and decided I’d try to get some work done.

THAT was when I found it!

Hub bought & loaded the Microsoft Office suite for Mac on my laptop!

What a great guy … and what an awesome gift!

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