Our future is in their hands

All of my students are SO curious about when I’m going to get a job as a principal.  I patiently explain to each of them that I still have to take my certification exam (April 4th), there has to be a job opening, and no … I most likely will NOT be the new principal at the greatest junior high school in Texas.  That doesn’t stop their asking why I can’t be their principal.  Now.

While flattering, it won’t happen.  I mean, the job’s already taken. 

I was talking to one of my 8th graders this afternoon while we waited the few short seconds before the bell.  After we had the above conversation, he asked if I would move out of state for a principal’s job.  I told him that I’m not willing to move because my husband also teaches in our district.  That piqued his curiosity and he asked where he taught.  I told him which campus he was at and then after he said that it’s really cool that we work in the same district, he asked,

“What’s his name?”

I looked at him and said,

“Mr. Alvarado.”



I think it was at that very moment he realized a person really can ask a stupid question.

One thought on “Our future is in their hands

  1. Aw, not at all. You could have been using your maiden name 😉

    I like to throw people off who only know me as Kym Klass, and introduce Russ 🙂 or Jenna. For a split second, it’s like they don’t know what I’m talking about.

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