Avian Homicide

We’ve had two incidents here at the Casa this week.  

I discovered the remains of what was once either a mockingbird or mourning dove in the backyard on Monday.  The Barky Boys were all on top of that mess in a matter of seconds.  The youngest of the brood ran up to me with feathers sticking out of his mouth.  Yuck.  Hub was more concerned that the dogs would get sick from eating the remains than about cleaning up the mess.  We got as much of the scene cleared as we could.  If only to eliminate the temptation of playing with the carnage for our goobery canines.

The second incident must have happened when Hub & I were at work Thursday.  This time, it was one of the boattail crackens.  In all truthfulness, I wasn’t sorry to happen upon that crime scene.  Miserable birds pee & poo all over the place.  This scene was a lot messier than Monday’s and I was a lot more grossed out.  Meaning, I left the mess for Hub to deal with.

We have no idea who or what the offenders are.  There are no witnesses we can speak to (in human language, anyway).

If you notice similar activity around your home, be on the alert.

We may be dealing with a serial killer.

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