No HD for you!

The local television stations have been doing their analog-to-digital conversion tests so viewers can check to see if their TVs are ready for the change next month.  

Hub was getting excited because we have ONE television that neither of us thought would be able to make it through the conversion.  Hub had been working hard to convince me that if it didn’t make it through the conversion next month that we’d definitely have to get a new high-definition TV.  Well, I was able to check that particular TV yesterday morning during a test.  It worked.

Surprise, surprise!

I broke the news to Hub a few minutes later.

He hasn’t been the same since.


One thought on “No HD for you!

  1. Poor Carl!!! What is it about men in particular when it comes to techy toys?!? Jesse is SO into his tv (don’t tell Carl, but we have a 52″ HD Samsung sitting in the living room) and now he’s got a blue-ray dvd player and overall, he’s in techy heaven! I just want to know which remote to use with which component!!! We have 5 remotes sitting on the coffee table, all with very specific functions, and as long as I know how to run the tv, the satellite and the dvd player, I am happy.
    Miss you! Glad to hear you’re doing okay…keep up the walking!
    love, Laura

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