Putting one foot in front of the other

Did ‘ja hear the one about the woman who got a new car and couldn’t drive it because her husband’s truck broke down?   Well, Hub started back to school this evening and he was totally stressed about how he was going to get out of his campus, pick me up to take me home, and get to class downtown on time.  I told him to stop stressing, I’d walk home from school.

Hub wasn’t too keen on the idea initially.  I looked at him and asked, “Do you know where I turn around for my 6 mile loop?”  He stared at me. “At my school.”

He couldn’t argue with that.

I don’t know why I hadn’t done this before.  I got home about an hour ago, cooked some breakfast for dinner, and am feeling very relaxed.

I got a few honks and hand waves from folks I know.  Not a one offered me a ride.

They wouldn’t dare.

Hub called to see if I got home okay and ask how it went.  I told him the only thing I truly missed was my music.  I didn’t take my iPod with me and so I had to entertain myself with humming.

I’ll walk home again tomorrow.  

And I’ll bring my iPod.

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