And now, the end is near …

The end of Christmas vacation, that is.

All in all, it was the most restful vacation I’ve had in quite a while.  I never did get the Christmas cards sent out, nor did I draft my New Year’s Resolutions before the end of last month.


If I had made any resolutions for 2009, they would look oddly like the following proclamation:

In 2009, I resolve to …

Stop procrastinating. Putting things off to the last minute has given me so much stress over the years that I am convinced this is one of the major causes of why I can’t sleep at night:  I’m always worrying about getting stuff done on time.

Mark five items off my 50 before 50 list. I’m 5 years from 50 and I don’t feel like I’ve made a dent on this list!  Crap.  I just looked at the list.  I haven’t even finished writing the fool thing.  That’ll be the first thing I need to complete.  See procrastination resolution above.

Don’t be so serious all the time. I like to think I’m an easy-going person.  The fact of the matter is, I’m wound pretty tight.  I’ve never learned how to relax and I push myself past the point of exhaustion on a regular basis.  It’s a wonder I don’t get sick!

Try something new at least once a month. This is my frivolous resolution.  Hub & I are so caught up in the busyness of life that we don’t take time to enjoy living.  Like I said earlier, I’m five away from 50.   Time’s not going to stand still waiting for me.  Or anyone, for that matter.

Okie, these are what my resolutions for the new year would look like if I had taken the time to write them.  There are only four resolutions.  They’re all achievable.  I can do them.

And I will.

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