Two for the road

I actually wasn’t going to write about this just yet, but I couldn’t not write it after reading this week’s article by the Writer.  While she was writing for the surrounding community out in her current hometown (military families don’t have permanent hometowns until they are no longer affiliated with the military … been there, done that, have both T-shirts as a military brat and military spouse) it was actually written for an audience of one.  


Only the article was published two days too late.

I headed to the gym the other day … was too wimpy to step out the door and walk … had to go to the gym to “prove” something to myself.  Don’t ask me what it was … I have no idea.  The only thing I proved is I still hate the treadmill and if I want to do the Valero Bike to the Beach (it’s our local MS 150 event) in October, I better get my bike tuned up this month because stationary bikes are uncomfortable and boring.  

For me.  

I’m sure other folks enjoy treadmills & stationary bikes.  

I don’t.  

I was out on the road early yesterday morning.  Kept it under 4 miles since it was my first day out after two months of rehabbing my feet.  I saw only two familiar faces: “Praise the Lord” guy and “My boobs are the greatest thing in the whole-wide world” girl.  I’m chalking it up to this being the holidays and many of my road warrior companions might be out of town this week.

It felt great to be out on the road again.  The wind blowing my hair, my muscles remembering what they were supposed to be doing, the excitement of periodically checking my pace and seeing my time improve each time I glanced down at my Garmin.

I received a surprise on my return trip off the parkway:  the Triathlete was out with his biking group and he gave me a huge shout-out as they whirred by.  I was stoked!  Especially when I put into perspective where he had ridden from:  he lives in New Braunfels and his riding group typically starts over off Highway 281.  By my quick calculations, he had already logged over 30 miles when I saw him.  No telling if yesterday was a century ride for him or just a 50-miler.  His group went by so fast there wasn’t enough time to ask.

I told Hub & the Spook last night that if my feet were feeling good, I wanted to head out toward the high school this morning.  My high school loop is just 3/4 mile farther than what I did yesterday, so I wouldn’t be out too much longer.  I got up early.  My feet are fine.  The weather sucks, though.  There’s rain, thunder, & lightning.  Unlike the Writer, I find no joy or exhilaration in being out in a thunderstorm.  So I sit here, writing until the storm passes.

Texas weather.  If you don’t like it, wait five minutes.

If it doesn’t clear up, however, I guess I’ll have to head over to the gym.

But I’d rather be out on the road.


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