Christmas past, Christmas present

The Spook and the Pilot and family made it safely to Texas to celebrate the holiday with us.  The Spook’s staying with us here at the Casa, the Pilot’s ground krewe is staying at the Chateau with Mum & Da, the Pilot and his wife are staying with her mom.  

I surprised Mum & Da by asking if we could join them for Christmas mass.  I thought Da was going to fall over.  Hub, the Spook, & I headed over to the Chateau after evening mass and had pizza with the gang.  

I sat watching my two oldest brothers and was in awe.  Where did the time go?  The last time the entire clan was together, the Princess was six months old.  That was five years ago.

No wonder Mum is killing herself trying to make this holiday extra-special.  Time is flying by so quickly!

Seeing her exhaustion after Thanksgiving dinner, I tried to convince her that if each of us brought our favorite dishes to Christmas dinner, we could each share parts of our own traditions that we’ve created over the years.   I really thought she was going to go for it.  Especially when she told me a week or so later that she had tried to scan & send recipes to the Spook & Pilot but couldn’t remember what I had done when I had showed her how to do it the previous week.   Okay, she was at least willing to let us bring a side dish of her choosing.


I called her yesterday afternoon and asked what I’m supposed to bring.  She said, “I’ve got everything done except dessert.  You can bring desserts if you like.”

Desserts it is.  But I still couldn’t understand why she was doing everything.  Again.

While we were waiting for the pizza to be delivered, she hustled around and pulled me aside, “Should I make a salad to go with the pizza?”

“No Mom.  Relax!  We’re all here.  Pizza’s fine.”

I don’t know why the light bulb went off this morning, but I think I finally understand why she’s doing all that she’s doing.

I flashed back to a recent visit to the bookstore.  My habit is to head to the children’s section to see what books are out and what I might want to get the Princess.  And it dawned on me.  She’s too old for picture books.  She’s reading early readers now.  I don’t have any nieces or nephews in the baby/toddler section anymore.  I got sad.  Where has the time gone?

The oldest of the Pilot’s ground krewe is in high school now and is playing the role of the angry young teenager to the hilt … although I did get him to crack a smile last night.  I chalk it up to 10 years as an educator.  I can relate to teens & pre-teens.  It’s what I do.  But I digress …

I get it.  Time is passing so quickly.  

Mum wants today … this week … to be extra-special.  She wants her babies and grandbabies around her to soak in the essence of the season and burn the memories of this time into each of us.

So today we’ll put aside our childish rivalries.  We’ll relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Because we’re family.

And it’s Christmas.

3 thoughts on “Christmas past, Christmas present

  1. Lisa, thanks so much for being such a loving and insightful daughter. You’ve read my intentions so well – bless you. Love, Mom

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