Virtual v. Actual

Okay, so my latest obsession is this little game, still in Beta, called MyFarm.  I play it through Facebook.

I love this game!  I have crops and fruit trees that need to be tended and harvested on a regular basis.  I even have a few animals that Hub graciously gave to me.  We don’t have to worry about feeding the animals or milking the cows & goats … yet.

Like I said, the game’s still in Beta.

All of the upkeep takes no sweat equity, just click on the crops or trees that need harvesting, click to plow or sow seed and I’m done.

I keep my little farm neat & tidy and check on my crop progress a couple of times a day … all of which keeps my OCD in check.  I even check on Hub’s crops and remind him when he needs to go harvest.  He gets a bit annoyed with me that I’m checking on his crops, but whatever. 

Money’s money.  Oh yeah, forgot to mention …  you earn “money” off each harvest so you can buy things for your farm.

I’m saving up for a house.  Rumor has it the game writers are going to lower farm maintenance costs for those who have houses on their plots. 

Oh yeah!

The irony of this little tale is while my virtual farm is thriving, my real flower gardens have been horribly neglected. 

Time to transfer some of my farmgirl zeal from the ‘puter to the front yard!

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