My Kind-a Race!

Found the following race info on the River Region Runners website:

Thursday, January 1, 2009, 1st Annual –Inaugural R3- 7th running of the Red Hot 09’ New Year’s
Chili / Wiener Run (hopefully) 2 or 3- or so miles

Time: 10am- plus or minus a few moans and groans.
Place: 1026 Rosedale Dr. 263-2424 –
Distance: Dubious but doable with blood shot eyeballs.
Course: gently rolling
Cost: priceless, call for menus. Donations accepted.
Awards: only if one finishes, and then maybe not.
Registration: Must be able to safely drive to the venue. No sleep- overs…errr.
Regulations: Must not complain about the chili or the wieners, must not mess with the dog. Friends, spouses & children allowed, but there are some weapons on the premises. Should be able to follow large arrows on the road. Must not complain to the director/ cook. This year no vegen foods, but they are welcome. Will search for soy wieners????. Some runners should consider kissing the cook.
Requirements: Must be able to stagger at least 3 miles unsupported by secondary runner/ walker. Don’t be a wiener, come and eat one. Some beverages will be available, but less than healthy. This is not an official run, so arrive at your own risk. Course closes at 12 noon. Rain and cold will not cancel, as race dir. cannot eat that much stuff.

So I just gotta ask:  hey Writer … you plan on entering?

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