10 Years

Queen Mum & I started something ten years ago that I was able to finally complete yesterday.

10 years is a pretty long time!

And yet … it’s not.

Mum & I started collecting the state quarters ten years ago.  I found the Hawaii quarter yesterday.  Wow.  I finished!  Amazing.  I looked at my big display of all fifty quarters and I began reflecting on the many different things that have happened in the last decade of my life.

In 1999, Hub and I had been back in Texas for a little over a year.  I worked for the cruelest attorney in town until March of that year and then made the huge decision to make a career change from law to education.

Best decision I ever made.

I completed my 13 month internship as an educator the following year.

Hub & I had some ups and a lot of downs during the past ten years.  We said good-bye to two sweet pups and hello to three more sweeties.  Loud and rambunctious, but really sweet.

We attempted to adopt a young lady only to have the whole thing fall apart in less than a month’s time.  We’ve made two other attempts but have yet to successfully add a human child to our family.  I’m hoping that this will be the year this happens.  

One of the greatest achievements of my life occurred within the last decade of my life … I began training for a half marathon on a dare.  And I finished.  Two minutes faster than I had thought I would.

My other great accomplishment is completing my Master’s degree.  I can look back at blogs over the past couple of years where I wrote about wondering if all of the frustration, sleepless nights, stress, and anxiety was worth what I was putting myself through.

I can say now … without hesitation … yes.  It was most definitely worth every sleepless night, every gray hair, every tear I shed.

I don’t need to walk the stage next week to know how tremendous my accomplishment is.   Next week is the frosting.  

Finding the Hawaii quarter yesterday combined with training for and completing a half marathon and three years of graduate school.

These three were the cake.

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