Adventures in grocery shopping

I broke one of my most sacred rules today.

The rule I broke is this:  On the day before a holiday, do not be in the grocery store past 8am.

Hub & I were headed home from shopping this afternoon when I turned to him and said, “We’re out of paper towels.”  We both groaned.  

Since I was riding shotgun, I was elected nominated the lucky one who got to be dropped off to brave the insanity.

I made my way through the store with the pasted-on goofy smile I have when I am completely stressed and JUST WANNA BE ANYWHERE BUT THERE!  I’m sure it was the fake smile and not my stunning beauty that had people staring at me.

You should have been there: people were slamming their carts into each other … grabbing for the same items … it was worse than a sale at Filene’s Basement.  

Not that I’ve ever been to Filene’s.  

But I’ve heard stories.

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