My Rock didn’t Roll

I convinced Hub to go with me to the Expo hosted by the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio yesterday.  Although I can’t do the race today because of my stupid arches … 30 degrees outside right now, my corral is probably still waiting for it’s gun-time as I type this, what a GREAT day to be out on the road racing! … I thought I’d at least head downtown yesterday to join in the festivities, if only for a few hours.

Hub was frustrated.

– In the distance from the car to the actual Expo. 

– In the the crowds & the cold. 

– By how fast I was walking. 

I actually tried to slow down, but the cold and the energy of the place kept me moving.

He commented later that he could feel the energy in the air and he could, finally, understand why I was so pumped and excited to be there, despite the fact that I wouldn’t be racing today.

There was a moment while I was wandering through the Alamodome when I actually thought, “Hey, I can still do this tomorrow!” and then reality hit in the form of intense spasms in my feet and I knew that I’d be an absolute fool to hit the road against doctor’s orders. 

At one point, I even went to the Good Sports exhibit to discuss which inserts to buy for today’s race.  After some conversation about the right inserts for training and for racing, the saleswoman looked me square in the eye and said, “Your doctor told you no and you’d really not like me if I actually sold you inserts today.  We are, after all, all athletes and Lord knows recovery time after doing something stupid because of pride is never worth it.”  She’s right, I know she’s right.  But still …

So, I walked away.  Tears were welling up in my eyes, but I put on a brave face, smiled, and headed for the Exit with Hub lagging behind me.  He kept telling me, “Hey Speedy, slow down!” 

Even in pain, I couldn’t.  I wanted to go … to prove to everyone, especially myself, that if my feet were healthy, today would have been great race for me.

2 thoughts on “My Rock didn’t Roll

  1. I do.

    I know you understand, but this is the SECOND half mary I had to pull out of because of injuries during training and it never feels good to have to do it, even thought it’s the smart & safe thing to do.

    There’s another half in April that I’m going to start training for as soon as my feet heal.

    Third time’s the charm, right? 😉

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