Mi Villa

Hub & I ran in to the local PetsMart on Sunday to pick up some dog food for the royal poochies.  As we were about to leave the dog food aisle, we saw the most adorable pooch being walked around the store.  I love to look at pups and the Humane Society had volunteers there with the animals that they foster that were available for adoption.

Turns out the adorable pooch was a foster and available to be adopted!

So, here’s his story:  he’s about 1-2 years old, he was hit by a car and left for dead along the roadway when his fosters found him limping along the road and took him in.  They nursed him back to health and cleaned him up as best they could (he’s a wiggly little guy).  His cast just came off last week and his front right leg looks a little goofy because the fur all had to be shaved for the surgery is starting to grow back.  His vet thinks he’s a terrier-mix and we tend to agree … he displays all the typical terrier traits, except he’s really a little love puppy.  Most terriers I’ve encountered have been aloof.

As soon as I can get a good picture of him, I’ll share it.  He and the other two royal poochies do a lot of running and chasing and running and … so every picture I’ve taken over the past two days have been nothing but blurs of fur.

{Don} Quixote, {Sancho} Panza, & {Pancho} Villa. 

Quite a trio.


2 thoughts on “Mi Villa

  1. The little guys are starting to slow down. They’ve actually even begun to sleep together in little huddles! Hub’s going to try to get some pics this afternoon 🙂

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