Fright night

I was prepping for an after school meeting and needed to pull the grant activity compliance binder to review some information.

I reached for the binder and pulled it out of the bookcase.  It had a hitchhiker on top …

A small, gray, field mouse.

I screamed!

The mouse, more scared of me than I was of it, hopped off the binder and crawled back into my bookcase.

Oh. my. gosh!

I turned around with a bug-eyed look of terror only to see my assistant and her son looking at me.  She asked me what was wrong, I yelled, “Mouse!”  She jumped and we both ran for the door.

I did manage to get my neighbor, who is a hunter and definitely NOT afraid of mice, to trap the furry rascal and dispose of it.

Only it got away from her.

The beast was on the loose!

By this time, my committee-mates were starting to enter the room so we could begin our meeting. 

But not for long. 

As soon as they saw me screaming like a baby and running for the door … down the hall … and into another colleague’s classroom to hide from the ginormous rodent that was chasing me, they decided that maybe a meeting out in the hallway wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Long story short, the hunter-lady caught her prey … we had our meeting … and all is well with the world.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch …

My department hosted a Parent’s Night dinner and so I didn’t get home from school until well after 7pm. 

Hub told me about the program he was watching on spiders and how the narrator was describing their hunt for the “big one:” 

The narrator was describing the “hunt,” the video was showing the pursuit, the music was intensifying.

Hub felt “something” brush up against his arm.

He screamed!

He said Quixote, who was sound asleep at his feet, jumped up in surprise and in one leap was half-way across the room.

Poor pooch never did lay down next to Hub after that.

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