Change the “c” to a “d” and what’cha got?

You have a Mandala.

Sincere apologies to the monks. 

I sent out an e-mail to family & friends earlier today sharing something really cool that I got to witness out at campus this morning.

A group of Tibetan monks were constructing a mandala.  I called it a “mancala,” all the while wondering at the magnificent coincidence of the sand art having the same name as a very old board game where you move stones in order to win.

Here is the photo I took of the monks in the process of constructing their mandala:


The mandala will take approximately 3 days to be constructed.  Today was the second day.

If you happen to be in San Antonio tomorrow or this weekend, head over to the University of Texas at San Antonio’s 1604 campus and take some time to visit the monks at University Center, building I, and witness their incredible creation for yourself.


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