Kym blog-tagged me and I am supposed to write about 6 quirky things about myself and then tag 6 other bloggers. Besides Kym, I don’t know any other bloggers.  Aside from this little hitch, here go the quirks:

1. I eat everything in sequence.  If I start with the veggies, I have to finish them before moving on to the protein or carbs.  Then I have to eat all of that before moving on to the next item on my plate.

2. Even though I am a good writer, I will break out into a sweat whenever I have a major writing assignment.  Following is a recent comment from Mum when I was stressing over my comp exam:  “Lisa, you’re always so negative about your writing and you always manage to pull an ‘A’.”  While she may be right, I was the one that saw red ink dripping off a paper that was edited by one of my undergrad profs.  Did you know dripping red ink looks like blood? 😉

3. I can’t sleep if the kitchen is dirty.

4. I have recently developed an aversion to sleeping in hotels.  It put a serious crimp in Hub’s plans for our summer getaway next year … as in I offered to compromise and do day trips instead of the week-long trip he had wanted to take.  And the trip to Hawaii for Mum & Da’s 50 anniversary isn’t looking too good, either.  Sorry folks, I’ll work on it.

5. I search for misspelled words in professional research journals.  Whenever I find one, I mock the author and the editors.

6. I am obsessed with symmetry.  It doesn’t matter what or where.  If things are out of balance, it drives me nuts.


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