When worlds collide

I brag often about working at the best junior high school in Texas.  I truly believe this, too.  And yet, there are times when even the faculty of an outstanding school causes me frustrations. 

Take yesterday, for example.

We have a young man who immigrated here from Panama with his family.  My assistant is also from Panama and she has been gracious in helping our new student acclimate to his schedule and to help him with any questions about his assignments.  She also helps him by translating his test questions from English to Spanish.

Our young man came to my classroom yesterday afternoon while my assistant was on lunch duty with a test that he did not know he had to take.  I explained as best I can (I speak no very, VERY little Spanish) that I wouldn’t be able to translate and he would need to do the best he could. 

I felt bad for him and, knowing that he’s a very intelligent boy that just doesn’t speak the language, I knew he wasn’t lying about not knowing today was test day.  So I sent him back to class and e-mailed his teacher.

His teacher wrote back, “He can use the book.”

Yeah.  The book’s in English.  The test is in English.  Very funny.  Ha ha.

Giving his teacher the benefit of the doubt, maybe he didn’t really think it all through.

Long story short, our young man will take the test on Monday.

My assistant will be translating.

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