My Husband, My Hero

Hooray!  Hub was able to recover all of the data on my laptop.  Mr. Gameshow Marathon next door assisted.

I told Hub that I didn’t care if I lost all my music (that’s really the only other thing I’ve got stored on my little ‘puter) all I was concerned about was my file with the responses to the comprehensive exam.  I really, really, really want to finish them and submit on Sunday.  I’m subbing in as vice principal next week for three days and I don’t want to have the comps hanging over my head while I’m sitting in the front office.

Guess who’s gonna be getting a Mac when her laptop finally kicks the proverbial bucket?

 ** 5 minutes later … kid you not **

Hub just shouted from downstairs that the old laptop has breathed it’s last breath.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect!


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